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March 13, 2020
Dear Friends and Members of Valley View and Ashland Churches,

The following message was sent out by the Oregon Conference yesterday, March 12, as a result of the message from Governor Kate Brown on March 11.

I feel it is imperative that we as Seventh-day Christians following the guidelines as given below:

All churches in the Oregon Conference will discourage individuals at high-risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19 from attending ANY public events.
"These high-risk groups include: 

Any individual who is immunocompromised.
• Any Individuals age 60+ who have underlying medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease.
• Any individuals age 70+ in any health condition. (Your pastor and his wife are following this counsel and will be Self Quarantined!)

For some smaller churches, these measures may make it prudent to cancel events and church services. (Ashland is closed, Valley View will remain open for the few with streamlined services).
For all events, it is imperative that anyone exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory infection be sent home to self-quarantine immediately.
We also expect that all potluck meals will be cancelled until April 8.

Personal Prevention Habits
Every day, we learn more about this virus. And the best defense is still personal prevention. We’re glad to remind you of the following habits to reduce the spread of the coronavirus:
Wash hands often with soap and water.
If not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick
• Stay home while you are sick and avoid close contact with others
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it away. If you don’t have a tissue, cough into your elbow.
• Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that you frequently touch.
• Boost your immunity through everyday healthy habits (see NEWSTART and CREATION Life resources)
• Trust in God.”

So I am urging that anyone 70+ stay home and not attend any church function or go out into public as far as possible until April 8. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed. If any have a special need or help please let us know because there will be many who will be willing to come to your aid. Valley View services will be recorded and you will able to listen to them via our web site Go to the top of the page click on sermons online then just pick the sermon you want form the list. Charlie will keep the latest up soon after it is presented. For Ashland and Valley View, I will be furnishing a manuscript of the sermons for those who wish to just read through the presentations. Small Groups are to make their own decisions to meet or not to meet according to the age of individuals attending and the health of all. To me this is like a fire drill for the last days when many will just be meeting in small groups. Do not become fearful for our God will be with us through all this. Keep looking up, love you!

God bless He does,

Pastor Don James

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