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Lecture Series - Why? Handouts

In such a messed up world and with so many different versions of "Christian Truth", each depicting a completely different image of God, have you ever wondered WHY? Maybe you have asked, only to be told "Because I said so," or "Because the Bible says so," never getting a straight answer; or maybe you've never thought to ask the questions or didn't know who to ask. In this Lecture series we will be looking at many difficult questions, all of which, and more, can be answered simply through the Life and Teachings of Jesus.
File Date Title
08/08/2013 1.1 Why Believe in Jesus - A Man Worth Followng Download
08/09/2013 1.2 Why Believe in Jesus - Historical Download
08/10/2013 1.3 If God is so Good Download
08/15/2013 2.1 What was Jesus' Goal? Download
08/16/2013 2.2 Why did Jesus have to Die? Download
08/17/2013 2.3 Why have Organized Religion? Download
08/17/2013 Early Church-Pews Church Download