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A Note From Our Pastor

Our Greatest Need #5: Who or What is the Holy Spirit?

January 30, 2021

We talk about the Holy Spirit, we pray for the Holy Spirit, we focus on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, but do we really know who or what the Holy Spirit is? Understand this. There is danger in knowing the Holy Spirit’s work but not knowing the Holy Spirit. Remember in the last days according to Matthew 7:22,23 after individuals saw and even practiced the casting out of demons, prophesying, and performing many miracles. Jesus said, “I never knew you.” Really, if we do not know who the Holy Spirit, is how can we recognize His work? Three questions we need to answer. First question, is the Holy Spirit God? In Acts 5 Peter confronts Ananias and asks why he had lied “to the Holy Spirit.” Then Peter declares “You have not lied to men, but to God.” Second question, is the Holy Spirit a person in the Godhead? In Matthew 28:9, we find in the Great Commission saying we must be baptized “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” The formula highlights a single name, not three different ones, making each and all of them of the same substance or nature as the others. 2 Corinthians 13:14 reveals the same triune God: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.” Third, what is the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the Godhead? In John 15:26 it reads, “When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness of Me.” Just as the Son reveals the Father’s love and character, and just as the Son chooses not to take His own initiative but yields such prerogative to the Father (see John 5:30; 6:38), so does the Spirit in relationship to the Son. Conclusion: The Holy Spirit is God, the Holy Spirit is a person of the Godhead, and the relationship between the Godhead is One of serving, loving, and honoring.

Our Greatest Need #4: As God Moves on People’s Hearts

January 23, 2021

One of the greatest global revivals witnessed in 200 years broke out in Wales in 1904. The Welsh Revival was the global climax of a worldwide awakening, emphasizing what became known as “the Spirit-filled life,” with emphasis on sanctification. Sincere Christians were growing weary of legalistic, dry, intellectual religion, much like what Seventh-day Adventist were experiencing in the 1870s and 1880s. The Keswick Convention, an annual Bible conference, was instrumental in bringing about a revival. In 1902, participants at the Keswick Convention formed a prayer circle and pledged themselves to pray for revival around the world. House to house visitation took place sharing Jesus and letting the people know that they must confess their sins, put away evil habits, obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, and share their faith in Christ publicly. The Spirit of God took hold of Wales by storm. In five months, half a million people became Christians. Taverns went bankrupt for lack of patronage. Unwed pregnancies practically disappeared. Judges were given white gloves: not a case to try – no robberies, no burglaries, no rapes, no murders, no embezzlements. Crime had simply stopped. The revival spread, in Wales, one of every ten citizens was converted. In Japan, the number of Christians doubled by 1910, India Christianity grew 70% in 1905-1906, Latin America experienced a 180% growth from 1903 to 1910. In the USA 35,000 members were added to the Methodist Church, Southern Baptists increased 25% in one year, etc. What does this say to me? God was preparing the world, and will do so again, for the message he has given us to share. In 1904 Ellen White wrote: “Why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit, since this is the means by which we are to receive power? Why do we not talk of it, pray for it, preach concerning it?” Let us turn to God pleading for the Holy Spirit to fill us and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Our Greatest Need #3: Are We “Doctrinarians”?

January 16, 2021

When it comes to truth, Adventists beat them all! In the late 1800s, Adventist Ministers not only knew the truth and teachings of the Scripture, but it was difficult to defeat the Adventist Minister in debates. The result was self-satisfaction thus leading to a spirit of lukewarmness. We had the twin truths of “righteousness by faith” and the “commandments of God.” Unfortunately, it was all head knowledge. The working love of Jesus in the hearts of the people was not really a personal experience. What was really needed was for all selfish ambition to be laid aside, focus on Jesus in what He had done, and was doing in our behalf, and plead with God for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them. Are we any different today? God raised up the Seventh-day Adventist Church, He gave birth to the remnant of Bible prophecy (Revelation 10), and His desire was that the church would prepare the world for the Second Coming. The truths of the Sabbath, the non-immortality of the soul, the manner of Christ’s coming, the sanctuary ministry, and the investigate Judgement, the validity of God’s commandments including the Sabbath, and care for the body temple were all restored, for a perishing world to understand the work and character of God. We have the truth, but we lost sight of Jesus like the Jews did in losing sight of the Messiah. The Jews were so determined never to return to following pagan ways of worship and became so legalistic that they lost sight of the true meaning of the coming Messiah. Adventists became so full to the law that at one point we were told that we had become drier the hills of Gilboa.  We had lost sight of the love of Jesus. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit had been held back. Let us search our hearts, persevere in prayer, awake out of our sleep, and share together the love of Jesus with the great teachings He has given us. 

Our Greatest Need #2: What if?

January 9, 2021

What if we, as church members, really got serious and followed the counsel given us to spend an hour every day, 24/7, reading, studying, contemplating the life of Jesus? What if we gave ourselves unreservedly to the leading of the Spirit of God? Leonard Ravenhill, an English evangelist, has a moving question on his gravestone, “Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?” The book of Acts is many times referred to as “The Acts of the Apostles,” but I sometimes feel it should be called “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.” It is the story of the first century church powered by the Holy Spirit. It is a book of stories of miracles and mission adventures, stories of conversions of every type of person in the then known world. Stories of a church on the move with Spirit-filled passion and action. I also believe that the Holy Spirit was moving upon people in the sixth century during the Protestant Reformation. I also believe the Holy Spirit was again moving upon people in the 19
th century all over the world in the wake of the third angel’s message. It is reported that over one million people were converted in America. God was awakening the world to receive the third angel’s message, but the remnant church had not responded wholeheartedly to the Laodicean appeal. A deep work of repentance was needed to fit us for the loud cry of the third angel. Had our church surrendered thoroughly, Christ would have come. Ellen White wrote: “God’s unwillingness to have His people perish has been the reason for so long delay. (Testimonies, vol 2, p.194). How much longer will we be asleep in the light while we watch the world and the USA sleep in darkness? “Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?”

Our Greatest Need #1: Ask for the Holy Spirit

January 2, 2021

We are living at a time in history as never before when the Holy Spirit is working and moving in a special way. Are we taking advantage of it? Are we asking Him to fill us and our families? Are we asking Him to fill our church? Are we insisting that we be filled and fit? Jesus promised the disciples that the Holy Spirit would come. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would abide with you and would be in you (John 14.16,19). Jesus promised that He would send “another Helper” (John 14). “Helper” in the Greek literally means “one alongside.” The Holy Spirit runs beside each of us and is actually God with us. But Jesus didn’t say that the Holy Spirit would merely be with us, as Jesus was with the disciples, but the Spirit is to be in us. Jesus brought up the subject of the Spirit several times on the evening of the Passover. The Spirit would teach all things and bring them to memory (John 14:26). The Spirit would bear witness of Jesus, and we would thus ourselves bear witness (John 15:26, 27). The Spirit would guide us into all truth and let us know what is to come (John 16:13). Jesus leaving was an advantage because then the Holy Spirit would come (John 16:7). Jesus expected to be closer to us after His departure because He could dwell in all of us and was not limited to being in only one place at a time like when He was here physically. But none of this could happen before Calvary. The reason is that we needed to see the full sacrifice of Christ for our lives. We needed to see how much love God has for us and once seeing and grasping the love of God we would repent, accept Jesus as our substitute, confess our sins, and be open for the filling of the Holy Spirit. How much does God love us? (See Desire of Ages, pp. 755, 756. “Ask, and it shall be given you...”  Matthew 7:7).