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The Order of Melchisedek 14 - Codified Love #2

June 19, 2021THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEK – 14 Codified Love #2 To the right and to the left of the breastplate were two stones of greater brilliance than the twelve gems, called the Urim and the Th... More

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The Order of Melchisedek - 7 Robes of Righteousness pt. 2

May 1, 2021

Over the four white garments, the high priest had other garments that were for “glory and beauty.” First was a robe of blue wool, woven in one piece, reaching from his shoulders to below his knees. It was without sleeves. On the hem of this robe of blue were arranged golden bells and pomegranates. These pomegranates made of blue, purple, and scarlet wool in the shape of pompoms.

Over the blue robe Aaron was to wear a double apron made of the same material as the veils, -- blue, purple, and scarlet wool, gold wire woven on a warp of fine linen. This was joined at the waist and on the shoulders, and was called the ephod. The ephod was embroidered with lilies. It was bound around his chest with a sash of the same material, blue, purple, scarlet and gold. The high priest was girded round his loins and round his heart. Bear this in mind when you read the promise of Christ’s being doubly girded with righteousness and truth