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The Order of Melchisedek - 6 The Order of Melchisedek – Robes of Righteousness

April 24, 2021

Let us think about the laver. Of what was it made? Brass. Where did the brass come from? Yes, women who worshiped! What did they contribute? Looking glasses (mirrors). Now, looking glasses are symbols of the law, according to James 1:24,25. But can the law ever cleanse? Never! And so, the Lord put in the laver the cleansing agency, the water of His Word. They went to the laver, and Moses washed Aaron. Then he dressed him with four special robes. They were each woven of fine linen. Aaron was to put on shorts from his waist to just above his knees. Over these shorts he was to wear a white robe that came just above his ankles, with sleeves to his wrists. Around his waist he bound a white belt or sash, or girdle, as our Bible terms it. On his head he placed a turban wrapped round and round, with an end hanging down his back. This is called a miter. These were the four garments. Incidentally, they were also worn by the ordinary priest. Only once a year the high priest ministered in them. It was on the Day of Atonement that Aaron, clad in the garments of an ordinary priest, functioned on behalf of all the people in the Most Holy Place as a climax to the year’s services.

Now these four garments, all of fine linen, represented Christ’s righteousness. (Revelation 19:8) This foundation of the character of heaven was placed upon Aaron. He did not possess it inherently. He did not buy those robes. They were provided by God. He did nothing to obtain them. When he had been cleansed, he was dressed in them. They are emblems of righteousness that we do not earn that results through our rebellion and sin.