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The Order of Melchisedek 12 - Words and Works

June 5, 2021 


Words and Works

Over the white garments Aaron wore a robe wholly of blue representing God’s law, and teaching that only on a basis of Christ’s righteousness is obedience to the law possible. Around the hem of this blue robe were bells and pomegranates. Bells give sound and pomegranates are fruit. So are illustrated witnessing as well as obedience to the law of God; that, in turn, is based on a foundation of perfect purity – white under blue.

Over the blue robe was worn the ephod. In the ephod there are complicated ideas. The gold represents faith and love. This develops spasmodically, but the Great Craftsperson can make its growth continuous. He can join together our joyous experiences by little dark passages which might be represented by the solder. Then there is blue. This also represents the law of God. There is scarlet – the symbol of flesh, of humanity and there is blending of the scarlet and blue into the purple. Campbell Morgan, some years ago, preached a sermon on a text in 1 Peter 1:6 about “manifold temptations.” He coupled with it

1 Peter 4:10 which deals with “manifold grace.” “Manifold” means many-colored. Look at some hanging drapes sometime. They be of one color yet, because of the folds there will be a different hue of color, perhaps streaks that are darker. The folds in drapes make many shades. There are manifold temptations and there are manifold graces. Morgan used an illustration from his boyhood. He had been given a box of colors and delighted himself in taking different pigments and mixing them

together. Take blue and mix it with yellow and you get green. So, Morgan recommended that when you are

feeling very blue mix it with the sunshine of the glory of God, yellow as gold, and you will find yourself in the green pastures of the Good Shepherd! Take blue and

mingle it with scarlet, and purple will result. This is the color of priesthood, and speaks of Christ.