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The Order of Melchisedek 14 - Codified Love #2

June 19, 2021THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEK – 14 Codified Love #2 To the right and to the left of the breastplate were two stones of greater brilliance than the twelve gems, called the Urim and the Th... More

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The Order of Melchisedek 11 - Symbolism of Color #3

May 29, 2021


Symbolism of Color #3


What does gold symbolize? “I counsel thee to buy of Me gold…,” (Revelation 3:18) the True Witness tells Laodicea. We find that gold represents faith and love – with love taking the precedence. Gold is yellow. Gold is used throughout the sanctuary weaving. Do you remember the story of how they made the gold wire? Bezaleel took gold pieces and beat them into flat plates. Gold can be beaten very, very thin It can also be drawn through

succeeding smaller dyes. They knew how to draw gold in Egypt. But that was not the way Bezaleel had to make the wire, though it is the simplest method. He was told to beat the gold into plates and then cut them into strips with shears. These narrow strips he was to solder end to end, and so make a wire. Now, why did he do that? Gold

represents faith. Does faith develop consistently without a break? No, it does not! Mine does not! It grows a little while more and there is another break. That is what Bezaleel was taught. The

development by faith is progressive and

spasmodic, and linked by dark experiences.